Practice Spaces

Get Your Sound Perfect

Just because the phrase “practice makes perfect” is a cliché doesn’t mean it’s not true. Before you are ready to cut an album, play more live gigs, or go out on tour, you need a place to try out new riffs, work on your timing, and make sure everything is gelling perfectly.

Advanced Studios is more than just Raleigh-Durham’s best recording studio, it also houses three incredible practice spaces.

Affordable High-Quality Rehearsal Space
Rehearsal space can be surprisingly hard to come by. You need a place with good acoustics, but that also comes with a price tag you can afford.

Because Advanced Studios is part of Advanced Show Solutions, we know what it takes for band to have a successful show and a successful career. We are in the business of supporting artists, not exploiting them.

Each of our three practice spaces is [insert dimensions] and is completely soundproof. The only sounds you’ll hear while you’re rehearsing is the music you are making.

Before you enter the recording studio, take advantage of our 3 practice spaces.

It will make you and your fans happier.

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